Friday, August 7, 2009

+J: uniqlo x jil sander

"I have always sought simplicity and high quality. Uniqlo is manufacturing highly functional fabrics and presenting them for a very reasonable price. I think it`s possible that if we put or strengths together, we can make pieces that are beautiful and comfortable, with simplicity, sophistication, and a sense of luxury as well. I think this is exactly what near-futuristic fashion truly is."

brave and possibly prophetic words, although nothing that one has not suspected already in an age of availability and the Now. the adjectives she uses - beautiful, comfortable, simplicity, sophistication, and luxury - are they the marks of futurism when combined with accessibility for all?

interesting also her description of "basics" as the "common language". a suggestion of a universal aesthetic vocabulary steeped in simplicity...

otherwise known as: easier to kop.

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